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Quality Assurance


Intrigue web projects are developed using strict standards.  Intrigue assures all code is extendable and updatable which largely reduces future maintenance costs.

  • W3 compliance integration with Web 2.0 standards
  • Offsite Change Implementation
  • Cross Browser Testing & Geo-Specific Accessibility
  • Seach Engine Optimization of HTML, Text and CSS
  • PCI-DSS / PTS / PA-DSS Compliances for online payment processing

How Intrigue Can Help

Our teams are trained to measure three times and cut once.  This means you will have working code with a minimal frequency of bug occurances.  Our development teams are experienced in developing secure and clean code that are highly optimized so your web project loads quick and cleanly.

WC3 Standards

Guidelines and technical specifications for HTML and CSS to ensure clean, readible and most importantly, indexible code for SEO.

Off Server Website Development

Upon developing and/or adding new widgets/components/addons to your website, we move your entire site to a separate server where our development team work from.  Once your development needs are completed, we get your approval of the changes and then implement them on your live website.  This prevents clients seeing unwanted/unfinished content and intermitent error messages that can occur frequently as files are continuously modified. 

Testing Environment

All sites a measured and optimized for visual presentation and system functionality.  Intrigue web projects are cross-browser tested on Windows, Mac and Unix platforms.  Projects are tested on different computers systems worldwide and speeds are measured for performance with specifc focus on your target geo-specific locations.  Our transactional/payment systems are vulnerability tested and all projects are designed to prevent XSS (cross site scripting) attacks, SQL injection and numerous other website vulnerabilities ensuring your project is secure and always online.

PCI Compliance

If your web project requires online payments using credit cards, credit card companies and merchants worldwide have adopted the PCI Security Standard.  Intrigues developers are experienced and knowledgeable of these standards and can ensure they are met for there to not be an inturruption in your ability to take online credit card transactions. 

Reduced Rates

Intrigue offers reduced rates for environmental friendly organizations and non-profits.

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