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Mobile Development


If you are up to date in any of todays technology, sure enough you know that millions of users across North America browse the Internet using their cell phone on a daily basis.  Why should their experience on your site differ from when they are on their work or home computers? 

  • Utilize Apple's AppStore and popularity of Apple products
  • Stylish, adaptable alternative display templates for mobile devices

How Intrigue Can Help

Intrigue has the expertise to develop platform specific website.  If you are visiting a website using an iPhone for example, we identify that and have the ability to present the website in a different, more user-friendly convenience. 

Mobile Applications

Interested in joining the ever-growing AppStore with your own software to be used on iPhones, iPods, and iPads worldwide?  Well look no further.  Intrigue is familiar with the Apple SDK since its initial release and has experienced programmers who specialize developing mobile applications.  Our team develops software using clean code and matches all requirements set out by Apple to increase odds of your application being approved to be distributed on the AppStore by Apple.  Contact us today to learn more.

Mobile Web Sites

Being able to provide users with an alternative template/display of your organizations website is a valuable opportunity.  Whether the mobile user is using an old cell phone with minimal display options, or a modern-age BlackBerry or iPhone, our designers and developers work in tandem to identify and display a quick/stylish website for their custom displays without the constant need of zooming or playing with the website itself.

Reduced Rates

Intrigue offers reduced rates for environmental friendly organizations and non-profits.

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